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Bub's Enterprises LLC is a privately owned business. With over 30 years of experience, Bub's Enterprises works closely with local residents and businesses to provide high quality service in the areas of Construction, Trucking, Excavation, Commercial Snow Removal, and so much more!

Why should you hire an excavation service?​

  • We can help minimize erosion and siltation.

  • We can assist with reduction damage to surroundings.

  • We are equipped to work with any type of ground.

  • We carry all the proper insurances and certifications. 

Excavating Quick Customer Tips!

Know your excavating needs, if you are unsure of what that might be, we are here to help!

Make sure your contractor is aligned with your scheduling expectations.



Did you know? 


An excavator often times referred to as a backhoe/digger was developed back in 1796. 


The grandfather of the modern- day hydraulic excavator was the steam shovel!

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